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Granite is a genuine, natural stone that instantly adds a luxurious feel to your home. Given Granite’s beauty and appealing characteristics, it is popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoors. Below, we discuss the pros and cons and the applications of this stone.

Pros: Granite is a natural stone, and therefore, each piece is visually unique. Granite is also known for its hardness and lasting durability, making it a common material for countertops. Additionally, Granite is heat, scratch, stain, and chemical resistant. These characteristics make Granite a perfect addition to your home.

Cons: Granite is porous, and thus, can absorb liquids if not properly sealed. To avoid staining, we recommend properly sealing your granite countertops. Granite is also a natural stone, and therefore, each piece is different. If you are looking for uniform color and pattern, we would recommend using a man-made stone, such as Quartz.

Common Applications:

• Kitchen Countertops

• Kitchen Islands

• Backsplashes

• Fireplace Surrounds

• Outdoors

For additional information on Granite, please give us a call at (248)-307-0939 or visit our showroom in Troy, Michigan.

We will gladly show you material samples and provide you with further details.

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