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Soapstone is a genuine, natural stone that is worth considering, given its unique properties. Below, we discuss the pros and cons and the applications of this stone.

Pros: Soapstone is a natural, soft stone that is heat, stain, and chemical resistant. Soapstone is also nonporous, unlike other stones, does not require sealing, and is quite durable.

Cons: Soapstone can darken unevenly; therefore, we recommend treating soapstone countertops with mineral oil. Additionally, given Soapstone’s softness, it is more prone to scratches. Therefore, we discourage preparing food directly on Soapstone countertops.

Common Applications:

• Kitchen Countertops

• Kitchen Islands

• Backsplashes

• Fireplace Surrounds

For additional information on Soapstone, please give us a call at (248)-307-0939 or visit our showroom

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