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Quartzite is a natural stone that is exceptionally popular, given its characteristics and beautiful, soft appearance. Below, we discuss the pros and cons and the applications of this stone.

Pros: Quartzite is a natural stone that has a similar glassy appearance to marble. It is a great alternative to marble because it is hard, more durable, and does not etch. Quartzite is also UV resistant, which is beneficial for outdoor applications, and requires low maintenance.

Cons: Quartzite pieces vary with regards to porosity; therefore, we recommend sealing to reduce the risk of staining. Quartzite is also susceptible to scratches, so we encourage using cutting boards when preparing food.

Common Applications:

• Kitchen Countertops

• Kitchen Islands

• Backsplashes

• Bathroom Countertops

• Outdoors

For additional information on Quartzite, please give us a call at (248)-307-0939 or visit our showroom in Troy, Michigan. We will gladly show you material samples and provide you with further details.

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