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Porcelain is a manufactured stone that is increasingly popular in homes. Below, we discuss the pros and cons and the applications of this stone.

Pros: Porcelain is a man-made stone that is heat, scratch, stain, and chemical resistant. Porcelain is also UV resistant, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. This stone is also low-maintenance, given its high durability and imperviousness to liquids. Porcelain also comes in a variety of colors and patterns since it is a manufactured stone.

Cons: Although Porcelain is a strong stone, it can crack under blunt force. Porcelain is also fairly thin and comes in limited edge styles. Additionally, the colors and patterns only exist on the surface and will not be visible on the edges, unless they are mitered.

Common Applications:

• Kitchen Countertops

• Kitchen Islands

• Backsplashes

• Bathroom Countertops

• Shower Walls

• Outdoors

For additional information on Porcelain, please give us a call at (248)-307-0939 or visit our showroom in Troy, Michigan. We will gladly show you material samples and provide you with further details.

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