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Marble is an elegant natural stone that has an everlasting appeal. Below, we discuss the pros and cons and the applications of this stone.

Pros: Marble is a natural stone, and therefore, each piece is visually unique. Marble is also known for its veining and its variety of colors. Additionally, marble is heat resistant and can boost your house’s value, if properly taken care of.

Cons: Marble is porous, and thus, susceptible to stains. We highly encourage sealing marble countertops to lower the risk of staining. Marble is also susceptible to acid etching; therefore, we recommend avoiding acidic materials and wiping spills quickly. Ultimately, marble is a stone that does require high maintenance.

Common Applications:

• Fireplace Surrounds

• Bathroom Countertops

• Shower Walls

For additional information on Marble, please give us a call at (248)-307-0939 or visit our showroom in Troy, Michigan. We will gladly show you material samples and provide you with further details

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